Lunch amidst mimosa trees: Spring at Da Ciccio, Amalfi


Da Ciccio - Cielo, Mare, Terra: If you are curious about what spring is like on the Amalfi coast, and if you would like to taste the Costiera literally on your plate, learn about how they prepare spring vegetables growing and riping at their doorstep, this is the place to go in early spring, say from March to May - da Ciccio, just five minutes away from Amalfi's centrally located Piazza Gioia by the seaside.
Ambiente bianco, yellow fresie flowers: Da Ciccio, Amalfi
Un raviolo filled with creamy cheese and spring herbs
This comes on your table when you sit down: Home-made bread, and also try the freshly pressed orange juice from the own citrus fruit garden
I brocoletti di privavera, seasoned with just a few drops of olive oil, salt and garlic
Home-made bread, served in a wooden cestino
It is all home-grown and home-made, do try the spring brocoletti (there is also a second kind, the broccoletti neri, which is used for Christmas and winter dishes). 
La pasta in cartoccio, in pergamena (at the moment when it is served at your table)
The pea soup comes with scampi and without (in that case, it is toasted bread)
We also had pea soup from peas freshly picked this very morning in their Scala vegetable garden (Scala is a small village just above Amalfi next to Ravello). 
View towards Salerno
The mimosa tree just below the restaurant
Sea turning turquoise after a thunderstorm
The landmark dish is pasta al cartoccio (pasta cooked in parchment paper, with cozze mussles, small tomatoes, capers, wild oregano). So the ingredients are simple - but freshly harvested or brought in. 
What is more, and adding to a very relaxing experience if you sit by the window, with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Salerno just in front of you. On clear days, you can see the coastline of Paestum which is just opposite. And the sea turns slowly turquoise-colored as the sun is coming out gradually after a spring thunderstorm. 
Limoncello, meloncello on our table
La serra - here the small new plants are grown, for the vegetable garden just above Amalfi
The view once more - mimosa trees, still blooming in the first part of April

Detail of potatoes growing in the background, amongst pot plants
Strilizie flowers
A secnd vegetable garden just below the restaurant, framed in by camelias
Have you ever seen a vegetable garden (here is young insalata romana) framed in by palme nane - dwarf palms?
Salad, potatoes, citrus trees ...
Dessert is delicious, what you would expect here in the coast, but also free. You get to taste limoncello and meloncello. And afterwards, ask whether you can see their hothouse (serra) just downstairs. It is here that they grow the small plants that are then grown in their vegetable garden up in Scala.
And of course, wisteria (this is the parking lot protected by wisteria!!) Up there is Amalfi, and a little farther is Scala ...
For their menu which they update regularly, please see their Facebook Page - Da Ciccio, Cielo, Mare, Terra.

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