Saffron flowers growing on the Amalfi Coast ...


Fiori di zafferano per dorare un formaggio nuovo chiamato il Casone: Saffron flowers are cultivated right here, on the terraced vegetable plots overlooking the Amalfi Coast. at the Tenuta La Volpe Pescatrice.They are used to prepare a new delicacy, to color a new cheese, il casone, made of sheep milk, a golden tan. Today the TGR Rai 3 journal ran a report on a project started near Furore, a small borgo (village) located between Praiano and Amalfi. The plots, located between vinyards, lemon and olive groves and vegetable gardens, grow saffron flowers that are used to flavor and provide a characteristic yellow color to a sheep cheese variety called "Il casone". 
Tovere, a fraction of Amalfi; typical vegetable gardens and vinyards
The new cheese: Il Casone, as presented by Famiglia Avitabile
The tenuta agricola La Volpe Pescatrice, owned by the Avitabile Family from Tovere (a fraction of Amalfi) has created a new cheese in December 2012, flavored with the first harvest of saffron flowers was brought in. This has also been inspired by an experiment conducted within the framework of the Comunità dei Monti Lattari that has been starting the cultivation of crocus sativus in the vinyards.
A saffron flower (read more about this cheese and topic here).

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