About Furbizia

What is Furbizia all about? 

Italy is one of those countries that are blessed with a mild climate, beautiful landscape and heavenly plants abounding everywhere. Life is thriving and has developed a unique and ancient Mediterranean culture. This is so true for the Italian region of Campania surrounding Vesuvius.
You can find all sorts of treasures here, natural ones and man-made, and an important ancient heritage deriving from Greek and Roman ancestors having lived on the coast more than two thousand years ago. So much has to be perceived and then preserved...
The Furbizia Project would like to contribute exactly here.

  • Preserving the Mediterranean heritage and all knowledge connected with it;
  • Discovering whether and how this knowledge is accessible and practiced nowadays;
  • Rediscovering and collecting ancient knowledge, on subjects ranging from culinary traditions to crafts and endemic flora and fauna, and remedies made from Mediterranean plants;

Each Furbizia site is dedicated to a specific topic that is being elaborated upon, but the sites complement each other to provide an overall view of all topics that I think are important to deepen to assist us in many aspects of life today. I think it is so important that all of us have access to this Mediterranean heritage.
Our visitors will then be more informed and everyone can naturally develop respect for the country and preservation of the countryside. Visitors could gradually develop understanding of their hosts based on this knowledge. This is my personal definition of sustainable and "quality" tourism, an informed, respectful and careful intercultural exchange in a broader sense.

"Furbizia" means gradually and carefully tapping this ancient Mediterranean knowledge and spreading it for the benefit of all those interested in it and that want to integrate what they choose to integrate into their lives.

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