Breakfast at Positano's La Zagara


Enjoy a refreshing breakfast in Positano, sitting down in the milky morning light in a cafe in the midst of a lemon and orange grove. 
Looking down on Positano in the early morning mist from the Belvedere della Madonnina viewpoint
The cafe is called La Zagara and is situated right in the center of Positano in Via Mulini, a wisteria and bougainvillea-covered alley leading down towards the Spiaggia Grande, Positano's Main Beach.
La Zagara's terraces are surrounded by wooden rails, in the midst of a lush citrus  grove
So what makes a Positano breakfast in a lemon grove so special? To me, after taking a walk round Positano in the early morning mist, when the sun is slowly getting brighter on the sea, it is simply a pleasure going up from the beach and enjoying the zagara blossms scents and of course a cappuccino or cafe latte in this cafe decorated with lovely colored geraniums in terracotta pots and ceramics tiles all over the place (they even have bench fully decorated with tiles).
Looking down towards Positano's Spiaggia Grande beach from La Zagara's
Even the table plates are covered with ceramic tiles showing beautiful motives of the Amalfi coast landscape and fruit.
Table plate at La Zagara's showing a colorful Positano motive
For gourmets, I recommend tasting the home-made pastries for breakfast: in addition to the ever-present cornetto, and a caffe latte or cappuccino (you can see the caffe latte in the picture above), why not try one of the cafe's special treats, like the cannolo siciliano, a thin wafer roll filled with vanilla cream, lemon zests and chocolate chips. Yes, this pastry is of Sicilian origin but was beautifully adapted to suit the Sorrento and Amalfi coast fruits and fillings. You can buy the cannoli all over the Sorrento Peninsula.
A Cannolo Siciliano made in Positano
Or try their Positano chocolate sponge cake (torta positanese)...

or the Zagara cake, a chocolate sponge cake with a mandarine jam layer.
You can look up these delicacies here under la Zagara's pastries pictures. At la Zagara's, every dish you taste is crispy and freshly home-made, ...and it is simply a pleasure to sit here in a "zagara grove"  (Italian for "citrus blossom") in the mild morning light...
View of the sea and Positano's Chiesa Nuova quarter on the opposite side of the Valle dei Mulini
...fully breathing in the balmy breezes coming up from the beach.
Le Zagare - citrus blossoms all over
By the way, if you want to take home some of the zagara scent, you could stop to buy zagara essence next door at the Sapori di Positano store. But we will relate that story another time.

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