Peninsula Treasures: Walnuts from Sorrento - I noci di Sorrento


The Sorrento Peninsula's slopes (part of the Monti Lattari) are on some parts, in particular on the slopes looking north towards the Gulf of Naples, covered by dense woods. And it's not just the wood-like olive groves and castagneti (chestnut groves) or even ilex groves, many walnut trees mingle with other orchard trees here, like pears and apricot trees. Of course these trees do not grow directly on the coast, but rather inland. And this peculiar variety of plants and trees is possible here because the Monti Lattari quickly rise to peak in approx. 1,400 meters.
Typical picture of slopes rising on the Sorrento Peninsula: pines and orchards mingle - walnut, apricot, pear trees ...
Looking towards the backbone of the Sorrento Peninsula, towards the Monte Faito massive, seen from Torre Annunziata. Slopes are covered with chestnuts, olives, pines, walnut trees, with orchards and vegetable gardens at center stage.
October and November mean harvest time for the Sorrento Peninsula nuts. And they are surely recognized as a special kind of itself: I noci di Sorrento. Traditonally, walnuts were presented to newly-weds for good luck in their marriage, and nuts were also found carbonized amidst the remains of Pompei. Nowadays nuts are also used to enrich pasta and gnocchi dishes, together with pomodori di San Marzano, lemons, herbs, and mozzarella. But you can also try the famous Sorrento nuts liquor, said to have healing properties as all the essence of nuts is said to be contained in it.
Sorrento nuts (Courtesy: Sorrento Dreaming)
I Noci di Sorrento
To buy products made of Sorrento Nuts, you could follow this link to Sorrent'Olio, or even try the Liquore di noci produced by Villa Massa, a tenuta agricola located in Piano di Sorrento.
Or, you may just decide to stroll through Sorrento's Via San Cesareo to look out for all kinds of specialties enriched with or made from walnuts - pastine, liquore, gnocchi, erbe per pasta e anche pasta...
Gourmet shop in Sorrento's Via San Cesareo

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