Finest olive oil from the Sorrento Peninsula


When you are driving on the Strada Statale 145 from Castellamare towards the Sorrento towns, you get the chance to view the marvelous olive trees growing here on the Sorrento Peninsula. Here is a collection of pictures of how these trees look like in late summer, with the tiny fruits not being so very tiny anymore at this time of the year. Anyway, the harvest time in late autumn is getting nearer. Follow me on a trip along the winding road on the coast to take in a few glimpses at the numerous olive tree groves and plantations.
Olive trees reaching right down onto the road
Olive plantations reaching down towards the tuff cliffs
Terraced olive tree plantations
Olive tree plantations embellished with oleander, yucca and agave plants, still lining the road towards Sorrento
Omnipresent olive trees with their slender silver leaves
This very precious olive oil produced here at the Sorrento peninsula until a short time ago, was sold almost exclusively to locals, stores, at markets and to hotels, with very few exceptions. Still, most hotels and restaurants now serve locally produced olive oil, and as you can see in my picture below, there could not be any better way to season an Insalata Caprese consisting of the finest and freshest Mozzarella di bufala, lush leaves of basil (basilico di Napoli) and of course the ripest San Marzano tomatoes
Use only the best locally produced olive oil to season an Insalata Caprese: chunks of mozzarella, basil leaves, and tomatoes, just seasoned with this fruity olive oil and a bit of salt. This here is served at Sorrento, Hotel Royal, at their beach restaurant.
Now oilve oil from the Sorrento coasts has become available to all guests of Sorrento, at any time, at the Online Shop of Sorrentolio. Sorrentolio is hosted by Gargiulo, a well-known brand of olive oil producers from the Sorrento Peninsula, based in Sorrento. 

They also have a continuously and carefully updated Facebook Site providing further valuable information on olive oil and recipes. On their Website you will also find a colorful recipes section dedicated to the well-know Sorrento cook book author Imma Gargiulo who recently published her book "Le ricette di Imma".

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